The ceramic workshop of Saint-Amans



Located on a hillside overlooking the Garonne valley, 6 km south of Muret and 30 km from Toulouse, the village of Saint-Amans today has only around ten houses and a restored 12th century chapel. The workshop is located near the chapel. It includes a permanent exhibition-sales room; please call for visit.










Building the kiln

After several years of firing in an industrial gas kiln, with flame reversed and atmospheric burners, we built a cubic gas kiln (85x85x85cm) with a single jet burner, and double row of bricks.










Building a sculpture

The sculptures are generally slab-built. The clay used is a mixture of local clay, extracted “on site” and a fireclay stoneware. Most glazed are made from clays, ashes or minerals collected locally or during travels.

Bisque firing at 980°; glaze firing at 1280° and 1300°, mainly in a carbon atmosphere.