Ceramic sculptures 2022


« 3 bubble stones on rope »


“3 Bubble stones on Rope” is one among several of its kind, although each is different, which make up an installation called

"The mineral forest : low down the world noise"

Each of the “bubbles” are made from a ball of clay collected near my home and half mixed with other clays collected during travels, mainly in Spain or Iceland. The latter contains a large quantity of minerals of volcanic origin, including basalt and iron oxide. These particles are deliberately left in the clay, thus acting directly on the glazes, which are made from harvested clays. 2 firing (sometimes 3), gas kiln at 1300°, in a carbon atmosphere.

Each rope has 3 “bubbles” of the same nature, some glazed, others not.


Grouped together or individually, their mineral appearance and verticality give them a great presence, inspiring a feeling of calm and stability.


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Paysage d' Islande
Paysage d' Islande