"3 bubble stones on rope"

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Solfatares, ou marmites de boue  (Islande)
Solfatares, ou marmites de boue (Islande)


Impermanence is the law and the condition of all kingdoms, human, animal, plant or mineral. We never stop transforming, evolving, mutating. This is the only certainty and perhaps the only reason for our existence. Our technological and consumerist society has changed our perception of time; once perceived slow and continuous, today it is fragmented and frantic; we want to last on the ephemeral. What are the consequences of such a contradiction on our future and on ourselves?

These questions are closely related to my work, and come directly from the material used and the shapes
The choice of "wild" clay and mineral
harvest takes me back to geological times; clay has its own time, which is not the social time that regulates our daily life. Harvested at an instant T of their physical and chemical "state", minerals continue to transform and recompose over time of fire and the atmosphere of the kiln.

My shapes are related to the mineral that composes them. If matter appears inert to us, it is only a
question of timescales. The rocky mountain will turn to dust one day. Our mental inability to grasp the vertigo of evolution, however, allows us to experience the present moment intensely.